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Telephone Systems

Dynamic Data & Security offers conventional telephone system and state of the art IP over the internet systems. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, we’ll have the phone to suit you!

Toshiba Telephone Systems come with an unbeatable 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.

Strata CIXTMcommunication systems are the ultimate in modular, scalable and networkable telephone solutions for today’s businesses. Whether small or large, at a single location or a branch of a larger organisation, your business needs a system enabling easy connection with your customers and communication within your company.

The Strata-CIXTM IP system integrates voice, video and data applications over your existing IP network – extending full telephone functionality to local and remote users. Collaboration remains healthy, customers stay happy, and your business grows and prospers.

Utilising latest technologies, Toshiba helps you reduce infrastructure costs, boost productivity and improve customer service while delivering a superior return on your investment.

Strata-CIXTM satisfies your needs today while offering the option to cost-effectively add capabilities as you grow. When your business needs to upgrade or migrate to a newer or larger system, you’ll be able to reuse phones and key components.

Dynamic Data & Security is an agent for Vonex Telecom and is a supplier of telephone lines, ADSL and NBN services. We can arrange for the connection or relocation of your telephone and internet services.

Cost Savings

Dynamic Data & Security can arrange to have a call comparison done on your existing telephone bill to see if we can save you money on your phone and internet services. Simply send us a copy of your current phone bill and we will arrange this for you.

IP Telephony

IP Phones are the way of the future, and all services will be converted over to IP phones when the old analogue network is switched off as people move towards the NBN infrastructure. IP telephony is hosted in The Cloud and offers far more advantages to everyone as it will eliminate the need for traditional phone systems by still hosting the same or more features than the traditional methods. Examples of this include automatic on hold messages, call routing to groups of phones. You can even take your same phone number with you if you relocate to a different telephone exchange area. Fax to Email services is also available. IP telephony offers more features than analogue and ISDN services.

Analogue Telephony

Traditional phone lines otherwise known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services include what we have always known to be our Plain Ordinary Telephone Services (POTS) and include things such as normal phone lines, fax machines, EFTPOS machines and most security system panels also use these types of phone lines.

ISDN Services

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) are digital lines that are used for telephone and data services usually in a business environment and need to be connected to a PABX phone system to work. They offer an increased range of services that analogue services cannot offer, for example, the ability to transfer calls to mobiles if the call is unanswered and you can also have 100 number ranges for your telephone numbers. Indial numbers are also a feature of this ISDN where you can have your own number assigned to you for people to call and it is a part of a common 100 number range.

Hosted iPBX Solutions

Ever wanted a telephone system without the cost or complexities of a traditional telephone system? We can do this for you with a cloud-hosted iPBX solution. These systems are even more fully featured than the traditional telephone systems.

Get the latest phone system without getting a phone system

Our Hosted iPBX solution provides you with all the benefits if a traditional phone system but without the huge upfront or upgrading cost and double the flexibility

Phone and Internet Plans

Our call rates are very competitive and can save you money on your phone bill. Dynamic Data & Security as a Vonex Dealer offers a range of plans from ‘inclusive plans’ that will cover most of your calls, to Pay As You Go plans with low rates. Giving your business the opportunity to create the best outcome for your business phone costs.

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